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I installed the toolbar, but I can't see the ID button or any ads!

Solution Do you happen to see arrows that look like " >> " on the right side of the toolbar?

If so, this is actually related to your screen resolution size.

Below are some steps that should help you see the toolbar.

You might not need to go through every step.

Once you are able to see the toolbar contents, you can stop moving through the steps.

1) Click on the drop down box next to the VTF Logo on the left side of the toolbar. Click the option that says "Refresh Toolbar"

2) Is your web browser window maximized? If not, try maximizing your browser window and see if you can see the contents now.

3) Click on the VTF Icon in the toolbar, then click the option that says "Shrink Toolbar".

4) Locate the "Go" button next to the search box. Point your mouse to the right of the "Go" button, until a resize icon appears. This will adjust the length of the search box. Move it to the left gradually and see if the toolbar contents begin to appear as you move it.

5) If you have the ability to make your screen resolution bigger, adjust the screen resolution to a larger size.

6) If none of these steps have helped you, please contact us with your issue and let us know what your current screen resolution is for your computer.
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