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Not Getting Credits When For Clicking Links

Solution 1) Clear out your browser cache/history (restart your computer after doing this)
2) Ensure that your computer is set to accept ALL cookies from
3) If you are using the Firefox browser with any extensions, such as No Script or Ad Block, please make sure that none of those are preventing Elite from loading completely.
4) If the above steps fail, please try disabling your firewall and/or anti-virus programs temporarily. If you can successfully login after this, you may need to adjust your settings on one or both of those.
5) If you are running more than one firewall or anti-virus program, please be sure to disable the duplicate program as this can cause issues on one's computer.

Please note: if you try step #4, please make certain that you re-enable your firewall and/or anti-virus program(s) before doing any extensive surfing on the Internet.

If the above steps fail, you might consider checking your Java on your computer and make certain that you have the latest version.

Also please note: although you may do the steps above regularly, sometimes when a change is made to anything on one's computer it changes the settings without you realizing it. So it never hurts to run through the maintenance steps after adding, removing or changing anything on your hard drive.
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